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Lead Facilitator

Erica Runyon Surdakowski


I cannot wait to collaborate and assist you with all your sleep concerns from an occupational therapy perspective!

Snuggly Teddy

Getting Started


An online, sleep education series for parents

Sleep is foundational to a child’s physical, mental, and social growth and development. A good night’s sleep helps prepare children to attend to new experiences, positively engage with others, and build memory and attention skills. When children sleep, their brains are actively working to form new connections, allowing them to be more physically relaxed and mentally alert when awake. These positive effects can be observed over time, and as a parent you play a critical role in helping your child establish healthy sleep habits.

Please join us over the next five weeks as we review current evidence-based strategies and collaborate through online meetings and weekly forum discussions. The video below will review how to access the program.

Introduction Video
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